Does My Loved One Have an Addiction?

Rehab Centres has stated that drug abuse is a serious problem and is known to have some far reaching consequences. Abuse of a drug is misuse which comprises the use of a drug for coping up with the self-medicate or negative emotions for mental sickness taking the help of illicit drugs for getting high or using the prescription drugs in ways other than what was intended. There are some physical signs and characteristic behavior of drug abuse. There are also some specific signs to abuse of various types of drugs.

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Drug abuse might lead to an addiction and this might be pretty difficult to treat. You need to recognize the different signs of abuse so that the person who is involved in it can get some help as soon as possible. Anyone who has been abusing drugs can take some help from the Rehab Centres. This way they will be able to avoid becoming addicted and not experience any change in behavior.

What are the Behavioral Signs of Drug Abuse?

Rehab Centres says that if case someone is going through drug abuse then you will notice some behavioral changes. Irrespective of the drug that the person is taking, substance abuse is something which might change the manner in which a person usually behaves. A majority of these are common behaviors that most of the people using drugs show. Keep in mind that each and every one is different and any type of behavior which is unusual and new, cannot be explained by something else like a traumatic experience and illness. There is some usual sign that a person is abusing drug:

  • Problems in a Relationship: Drug abuse can lead to a lot of conflict among couples and families. This can lead to break-ups and fights. Relationship with friends and with work might also suffer.
  • Financial and Legal Problems: A drug habit can prove to be pretty expensive. Moreover, it is also illegal. When a person uses drugs, it might cause them to overspend, get into a debt, and also wear out the credit card limit. As a matter of fact, borrowing becomes too much for them. They might also get in some trouble with the law.
  • Decrease in Performance: The altered state that the drug can create might lead to a drop of performance at school or at work. This can be the case with a person who is normally excelling.
  • Neglecting Responsibilities: Rehab Centres states that a person who is using drugs is known to be more focused on taking the drug than any other responsibilities at home or at work.

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  • Social Withdrawal: Drug abuse might cause a person to hide their activity from friends and the family members. This might cause them to be away from kind of social contact.
  • Change in Thinking and Lack of Motivation:?Neworld Medical Detox?mentions that when a person is addicted they might become apathetic and also disinterested in achieving anything in life. As a matter of fact, they might also have problem in remembering various things.
  • Risky Behaviors: Drug abuse might make a person do things that they usually do not. These things might be dangerous and risky such as driving, stealing, having unprotected intercourse, or driving under influence.

An addicted person will also show some physical signs such as change in sleeping habits, poor coordination, tremors, persistent cough, runny nose, etc.

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